A faction of the BDSM lifestyle shared by many people globally. It is named for both Marquis de Sade (120 Days of Sodom) of noble French birth and also for Leopold van Sacher Masoch (Venus in Furs). Both writers represent the two extremes of the spectrum. Sade represents male dominance, while Masoch represents male subservience. Hence the word we use today is a combination of the two.
Since his teen years he had been reading fictional tales of sado-masochism, and now he finally got the courage to indulge his fantasies. He stepped into the dungeon, dropped to his knees, and beheld his new Mistress. Tonight he would become powerless.
by Dame Alexza February 22, 2009
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A compound word mixing the words sadism (sexual pleasure from hurting others) and masochism (the sexual pleasure from getting hurt. Psychologists recognize this as a sign of sexual/physical abuse from a person's past and it is also a psychological disorder. It is part of BDSM (bondage & submission, dominance & submission, and sadism & masochism). People aren't always a fan of doing both, but it is common.
Josh: "Are you into sadomasochism?"

Ashley: "I'm into being hurt and hurting during sex, so, yes"
by MasochismQueen March 22, 2016
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