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1. the best thing in the whole world
2. Absolutely NOTHING better
That is the sabby-est thing I've ever seen

This concert is sabby
by saby88 April 08, 2008
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An attitude much like that of an erection... very stuck up and, if exposed to for more than a short period of time, highly unenjoyable.
Hey Abby, why are you so sabby today
by Teh Wiencek September 25, 2007
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A short, annoying devious creature.

Seen walking like a gangster but will beat you like a savage monster if spotted staring down at her.

BEWARE: This creature can be brutally obnoxious to the ear.
My babysister has turned into a sabby! i can't stand her attitude and noise! I'm scared.
by GoGo Dancer July 06, 2009
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1.adj.a way to describe an extremely stupid joke
2. to kill a joke
example 1.
person 1: what do you call a plant that wants to be a boyscout?
person 2: i dont know what?
person 1: a boy sprout!
person 2: wow that was such a sabby joke

example 2.
person 1: her laugh is so obnoxious...
person 2: i know she sounds like a hyena
person 1: and 2. hahahahahahahah
person 3: OH!!! i get it because hyenas have really obnoxious annoying laughs haha good one...
person 1 and 2: WOW! way to sabby it
by enjoiiskatiing November 30, 2010
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The ship of 2 people with a name that starts with S and the name Abby.
1: Hey is Seren and Abby a ship?
2. Yeah! it's Sabby!
by Dr Evil Porkchops November 17, 2013
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