1. the best thing in the whole world
2. Absolutely NOTHING better
That is the sabby-est thing I've ever seen

This concert is sabby
by saby88 April 8, 2008
An attitude much like that of an erection... very stuck up and, if exposed to for more than a short period of time, highly unenjoyable.
Hey Abby, why are you so sabby today
by Teh Wiencek September 26, 2007
slang form of hello and/or how's it going (how are you), short for wasabbie, another form of whazup / what's up
sabbie yo!
by DRCOOL March 13, 2004
A short, annoying devious creature.

Seen walking like a gangster but will beat you like a savage monster if spotted staring down at her.

BEWARE: This creature can be brutally obnoxious to the ear.
My babysister has turned into a sabby! i can't stand her attitude and noise! I'm scared.
by GoGo Dancer July 7, 2009
whoa the most mysterious person you know?
by Starrrkat December 7, 2021
1.adj.a way to describe an extremely stupid joke
2. to kill a joke
example 1.
person 1: what do you call a plant that wants to be a boyscout?
person 2: i dont know what?
person 1: a boy sprout!
person 2: wow that was such a sabby joke

example 2.
person 1: her laugh is so obnoxious...
person 2: i know she sounds like a hyena
person 1: and 2. hahahahahahahah
person 3: OH!!! i get it because hyenas have really obnoxious annoying laughs haha good one...
person 1 and 2: WOW! way to sabby it
by enjoiiskatiing December 1, 2010