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Ryan Adams is one of the best musicians of his time. He was previously in the band Whikeytown, until his debute album Heartbreaker in September of 2000. Since then, Adams has produced a considerably large number of records.

"Who is the most under-appreciated musician today?"

"Ryan Adams"
by David R... August 13, 2006
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An alt-country rocker who shot to stardom with records like "Rock and Roll" and "Gold". He is currently with his backing band, The Cardinals, and has recently released the album "Cold Roses"
Ryan Adams is the best alt-country artist ever.
by don't care June 08, 2005
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He's a musician who just rocks. Even if his concerts are really weird and he has unattractive hair styles, his songs are powerful and fun to listen to in the car.
Best known for songs such as "When The Stars Go Blue" (which evil Tim Mcgraw and his song stealing squad butchered), and I guess now for "Halloween Head" the one song by him that when I hear it I turn it off.

He's written like ten albums in seven years.

Heartbreaker -ok
Gold -good
Demolition -good
Rock N' Roll - not so good
Love is Hell - not so good
29 - ok
Jacksonville City Nights - ok
Cold Roses - awesome
Easy Tiger - awesome
Follow The Lights - awesome

He's with a band called the Cardinals which is pretty awesome
1.) Dude: Why the hell are you wasting time writing a definition about Ryan Adams in Urban Dictionary?

Me: Because I'm a dork who is right now very tired of math homework

Dude: Oh.. do you mean Bryan Adams?

Me: OMG you are retarded.

2.) You can't tell the truth in a house of lies
And you can't see tomorrow in testerday's eyes
One shot, one beer, and a place where nobody cries
One more kiss before I go
One more night and day...

Jacksonville City Nights

3.) Um... yeah

by spacewolf March 01, 2008
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The best guy ever. He is very loving. He cares about everyone and gives great respect for girls. He loves everyone and is the nicest person you will ever meet. He also has a bunch of friends and is good at sports.
Everyone loves Ryan Adams!

Happy 4 years Ryan Adams.
by Kandee July 27, 2016
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Dude with a big cock and loves to go down on girls for hours. Shorter but strong and lasts all night if he wants to. Handsome with a touch of softness but very devilish eyes and lucious lips that can ruin your life if you don't have them. Heroic and sexy as he's a veteran and a firefighter. You almost want to stop breathing or light on fire so he can save you and maybe give you mouth to mouth. Quiet and mysterious and temperamental. Sexy ass tattoos and good style but looks good in nothing or anything.
Damn. Did you see Ryan Adams over there? Going to light myself on fire so he can put me out.
by HannahGritt June 01, 2016
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