It's when a guy does his lady up the butt, and blows his load in her belly button, with little flecks of brown poo floating in the jizz.
I had a hard time cleaning my rusty sherrifs badge after a weekend away with my boyfriend.
by Lee72 September 12, 2007
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dirty battered "ring piece"
Also known as Rusty Bullet Hole, Ass Hole, Brown Eye, Wrong'Un, Exit Sphincter, Poop Hatch, Loaf Chopper, Cornhole, Poop shute, Shitter, Batty Button, Fudge Barrier, Your Momma's Favourite Place or Brown Blow Hole
A homosexual might say "Hmmm, your rusty sherrif's badge is looking tasty today"
by Tim Evans February 3, 2004
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