Do not argue with trolls - it means that they win.
Troll: omgasm wii is for kiddies and da 360 rules and u all sux!
Poster: Rule 14.
by Bobcasfd October 18, 2007
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By responding to trollbait in an online forum or chatroom, the troller automatically gains victory regardless of the level of maturity of the bait or subsequent responses to said bait.
sk8ter_boy1337: gears of war is teh gai, halo pwns.
HaloFan07: u r gay die in a fire n00b
sk8ter_boy1337: win. rule 14.
by TheJamoke December 4, 2007
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-This mf called me pussy
-Rule #14 brother
by AKayser February 23, 2023
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Don't masturbate while at your grandmothers house.

unless u live with your grandmother, then it's ok.
Granny: "Hey Jimmy, why the funny face? eat your dinner."
Jimmy: "Just a sec."
Granny: "Are you masturbating?"
Jimmy: Uh... *Cum shoots up and hits grannys face* No...
Granny: Rule # -14!
by Dicktion mastah October 31, 2010
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never start a fight, but finish it when someone else does
yo this mf just took a swing
rule number 14 brother
by adfhibidbuidg July 1, 2023
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