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Rozhan is Kurdish name mean "sun". Rozhan personality is the most complicated personality in the world. You can never guess what she is thinking about! She is Dream Girl. She is Unique like her name. She has garden of secret inside her. You will never get bored with she. She is the sweetest thing you can have in your bitter days. She is smart; beside her beauty. She is like Angle. Words can't describes her. She will give you uncondition love if Yougive her that too. She hate when people lie. She is not like anybody else. She is QUEEN! you can't see her broken. She made for winning. She is peerless actress; Hollywood meaning.modern art is her second name! You can never find girl like her. She love adventure! She got a world of beauty inside her. She love photoshooting! She is really emotional but never show it. Happiness come with her. After letting her go you realize how much you are alone and sad. She make you another person.
Wow That girl is Unique! I think I found A ROZHAN!
by shedontgivefuuuuk September 17, 2017
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A rare Persian name which literally means "sun". This is a very simple definition yet a very complex word. Rozhan, like the sun, is absolute beauty. She can fall in love with only one lucky man. That lucky man will love her more than his own life because of how much she will make him a better person. Rozhan will take away the pain from her lover's life and fill it with joy and happiness. The man that Rozhan loves is kind, smart, sexy, hot, and attractive. These characteristics also qualify for Rozhan. Rozhan is there to set a purpose and give definition to her lover's world who is lost and living in pain. That lost soul's name will not remain ananymous! His name is Parha-
The world's ending!!!
Kristina: "Look at that girl! She must be a Rozhan!"
Lucky man: "Yup. She's a Rozhan. There is only one Rozhan in the world. She's not just a Rozhan, she's THE Rozhan. The person who will make my life less painful and actually enjoyable. I wish I could have her and be with her..."
by HammerDeystroyer25 August 16, 2018
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A loyal Iraqi girl who will start as an not great looking girl but soon when she's 13 she'll be the main attraction it's not just any glow up she will have the hourglass figure her personality is one of a kind and if she has feelings for you the your a winner keep her before she goes and moves on she can be bitchy sometimes but that doesn't stop her from being helpful
by Your future for now August 11, 2017
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Usually the nickname or code name you should/must give to the bitchiest one in class
"Hey, did you hear about 'Rozhan's' bitching in class today?"
"Bitch thinks the universe evolves around her, she's dumb as fuck!"
by Someonesomewhereoutthere November 30, 2015
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