The color of blue that is brighter than most others. Many cars, shoes, and clothes come in this color. It is said to have been worn by royalty.
"His shoes are royal blue."
by Gunnar Emberg June 19, 2008
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An emimies to lovers fan fiction about Harry styles who is the prince of England and Louis Tomlinson who is the presidents son.
Alex from Red white and royal blue is exactly like Louis Tomlinson
by Dontworkhereanymore May 12, 2021
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A wonderful book that will make you cry. But dont read it around your slightly homophobic and very republican dad. He will ask what its about and you will be lest stuttering trying to figure out which part of the book he would approve of. None. He hates it all.
Me: I am reading a book called red white and royal blue

My dad: can i have a book report?
Me: see... the thing is...

My dad: i was joking
Me: oh HA thats so so very funny. Im gonna go cry in my room now
by im gay and bored September 10, 2021
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To stay somewhere so far into the evening that the sky has achieved the colour of royal blue and dawn is well on the way, especially if you have to be up early that morning.
I was in the library so long last night, I participated in project royal blue
by 9849741 August 21, 2011
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