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Another name for roxy or roxycodine..

A nickname and code word (started in Toney, Al >on the outskirts of Huntsville, AL.<curently used now throughout the southern states and spreading and being used as a nickname or code word for roxy through the east coast.) given to the pill roxy/roxycodone/oxycoton/ & oxycodine.
Bruh, Do you still have any roxstars? Break them roxstars down and turn up! What's the ticket for a few roxstars?
by Lipstixbarbie May 15, 2018
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Preppy girl that drinks every weekend. Typically a hottie that dances with her friends constantly, gets way too drunk just so she can sleep it off and do it again the next day.
Guy #1 "Holy Shit, Katie sure parties like a roxstar, I can barely keep up!"
Guy #2 "Dude, you're old balls. She does that every weekend"
by psgama November 12, 2010
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