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a girl who likes starbucks. she is a nice, pretty, smart friend. she will never judge you. she is also very funny, so if you ever meet a rotem be friends with her right away
by ginger and joy January 21, 2019
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Rotem is an amazing friends who loves to T pose and rant about stuff. She hates dabbing tho. Her art is amazing, and she especially loves to draw cats and furries. Rotem is also very smart. She also has a lot of nicknames, such as Tree. She always has a pencil in her hand, and keeps everything in her sweater pockets, lol.
Rotem's hair is so bouncy, it's so fun to play with!
Rotem rants so much, i really love her ideas.
by 1z 10 March 29, 2019
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A rotem is a girl or boy that is most likely depressed and hides it all of the time. They would enjoy handing out with their friends but as soon as it is over they begin to scream into their pillow. When they’re not being depressed they’re going crazy watching countless anime on their computer while attempting to draw their favorite character. In short, Rotem’s are weebs. By default, a Rotem is very short and struggles to reach the top shelf.
I went to the coffee shop with Rotem today, she was going crazy over how hot Todoroki is.
by BewMonster May 07, 2020
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