An area on the border of Greater Manchester, not so far from Bury, Bolton, Burnley etc; Made famous for its Ski Slope.
Inhabited by inbreds, specifically in Bacup, and now becoming more predominant in Rawtenstall and Haslingden.
There are also alot of asians who think they are 2pac, and alot of people of irish/celtic descent.
local; 'oi ere ya, u got a spare fag or wot?'
by ? April 07, 2004
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Rossendale radio is a radio located in Rossendale. It’s a great radio station and really funny but their brain teasers can be really flippin hard
Boy: have you heard of Rossendale radio?
Girl: well duh, I’m from Rossendale.
by McDonaldsisgreat February 02, 2020
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