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1.A figment of some people's imagination.

2.A name when parents can't decide together whether to name their girl "Rose" or "Violet".
3.A name meaning strong, bold, clever, loyal, sweet, and pretty. She starts off shy and labeled "weird". As she gets more comfortable, she will come out of her shell and express the traits above. If she trusts you enough, she'll be your BFF, personal bodyguard, and COMPLETELY loyal to you. She's quite unique. BUT SHE WILL NOT BE LOOKING FOR EROS LOVE. In short, she's a bold type of the girl next door.
Mother :"Our daughter should be called Rose."
Father:"No, she must be a Violet."
Nursemaid:"How about you guys name her Rose-Violet? "
Mother and Father:"Perfect!"
by Rose-Violet March 23, 2017
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