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An all-girls high school located in the city - the Central West End to be exact. Girls who attend Rosati-Kain are eclectic, independent, creative and survive on a modular schedule. They are apple (not pc) people and prefer you refer to them as kougars - with a "k." They absolutely love to spell anything possible with a "k" in place of "c". (i.e. kougar kloset, kafe, r-kade...) Rosati girls are often spotted grabbing a quick black coffee at coffee cartel or shopping for that perfect dress in the loop.
Those urban girls must go to Rosati-Kain. They dress so good, and that music they listen to ... dang - they're ecclectic.
by Rosie T. Kain November 26, 2007
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Rosati is a center for learning, friendship, and love, found in the Central West End of St. Louis. Rosati girls refer to themselves as Kougars (with a K, not "cougars"), and love a good competition. Known for being one of the more urban all-girl, Catholic college prep high schools in St. Louis, but sometimes mistaken as being in a dangerous area. The Central West End is a wonderfully unique and vibrant area, full of small trendy shops and people. Rosati girls truly know the world, and are prepared in and out of the classroom. Also near Forest Park, Rosati has easy access to all things there, and with a branch of the St. Louis Public Library just down the road, Rosati girls always have access to books. With a new renovation on the way, Rosati will expand to allow more girls to experience the diverse Rosati tradition.
"Where did you go to high school?"
"I went to Rosati-Kain."
"My sister-in-law went there! Now she is head of a major corporation, because they prepared her well."
by A Koug February 22, 2014
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An all-girls, college preparatory, Catholic high school in the Central West End of St. Louis, MO.

Since 1911, students who attend this school have been more than smart, they're savvy and independent too. Known as "Kougars" (yep, that's with a 'K') Rosati Girls are devoted to their studies, extra-curriculars, diversity, community service, and the victory cheer.
Those Rosati-Kain Girls gathered after the game to shout the victory cheer: "Victory, victory, let's repeat it! Never we'll be defeated! Let's go! Let's fight! Let's win! Woooo!"
by Kou-gal April 27, 2008
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