A type of spineless, watered-down rap music with no edge that rose to prominence in the mid to late 2010's, made to appeal to a specific breed of soul-less, boring millenials. The term finds its origin from the expression 'pushing rope', which means trying to have sex with a limp dick.
1. - Hey fam did you listen to Drake's last song? It's closer than ever to blast like enya!
- Nah man, I'm not into rope.

2. - I'm a dull white girl in her early 20's who's dead inside and I like my beat when it manages to inspires no kind of feeling or emotion. I do not like to be stimulated in any way whatsoever. What kind of music would you suggest to me?
- Stop searching, you just found Rope. Here's a link to the Weeknd's last song.
by tchitchitoudoupe June 22, 2019
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To be in trouble or
Person one: Did you pass the test?

Person two: it’s gonna be ropes for me when they find out
by SpillinTea February 12, 2019
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a super skinny long dick. like a rope swing. so basically works fine but just extremely skinny.
by definitelynotmarin November 09, 2019
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