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This is an interjectional phrase that is used when someone expels flatus by way of the rectum (id est: "farts"). It is meant to reference both the noise that frequently presents along with the expulsion (as some wind instruments are said to "toot" or "be tooted", such as the horn) and the distinct, frequently pungent odor of said flatus, which is sometimes intense enough to have a liminaly gustatable mawkishness (mawkishness in the sense of having a mildly sickening flavor; being slightly nauseating) ((a present intimation being that the "fresh 'n fruity" portion of the phrase is a jesting reference to the decidedly objectionable {at least socially} fetor {a strong offensive smell})). The interjection is spelled so as to be in accordance with the officially featured breakfast of the same title that originally appeared at IHOP (The International House of Pancakes); from whose menu the phrase entered the American English vernacular.
Scene: Two guys are riding in a truck in southeastern Arkansas carpooling back home from working at the mill on a warm day in August. Nothing is happening, neither saying anything no radio, just the frequent jolts & constant rumblings from the tires’ continuous collisions with the rough dirt road.

James, Brad: ...

-Suddenly in a loud exuberant manner ...

Brad: Woo Hoo!! Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity!

James: ...

-In conspicuous silence James continues to pilot the vehicle, once or twice glancing towards Brad who is still working on coming down from the momentary high of his emotional outburst. They continue their journey; the countenance of the former now notably featuring the taint of ashamedness.
by Vikki Jezebel Blood November 20, 2010
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The act of cumming on a woman's flapjack-like titties, then smacking her in the face with a waffle iron.
I rooty tooty fresh n' fruityd your mom last nite.
by ch72is August 29, 2006
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