A mystical midget Guido that enjoys fist pumping girls that have been roofied in the ass. This often causes tell-tell bruises on the butt cheeks at midget height. His magical one horn allows him to remove women’s panties with out there knowledge. His keen perpetrating skills allow him to steal random item of interest. This can include: Credit cards, iPods and women’s virginity. He is also an Ace with the Mexican Air force.
Rob: Once again my fiancé was perpetrated by a One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple Penetrating Fist Pumping Midget Guido Roofie Slipping Panty Bandit in Atlantic City.

Jack: Just look on the bright side, its better then cleaning her up after good time’s with good friend’s and some hot lunche's!

Rob: Ya, your right... I'll just Shot! Shot! Shot, Shot Shot! her other but cheek, what a hotmess!
by bboy domo.... January 19, 2010
when a person puts the whole ashes of a whiteowl white peach in a glass of Pepsi and makes someone drink the whole glass , then they should either pass out or get sick as shit.
damn I think I got a whiteowl roofie , I cant feel my but or remember anything last night ...
by slong doong June 19, 2018
Something Brady John Russle Edwards wants to use to "launch" roofies in your drink from far away so he can rape you.
OMG! Brady just used his roofie rocket on Cassidy, now shes passed out and he's going to rape her with his 2" anaconda!!

by Nugget pizza January 9, 2018
When a roofie is slipped into a persons butt, in order to gain sexual advantage.
"Can you believe Steve Smith tried to reverse roofie me? What a D-bag...I mean he was already in my pants. What the hell?"
by yourSuppository July 17, 2019