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A rabid supporter of candidate Ron Paul. Usually a tad on the looney side.
Most ronbots buy into 9/11 conspiracy theories.
by FCork November 01, 2007
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Ron Paul fanatics, who have nothing better to do than spam phone and internet polls, and spray paint white bedsheets with things like "Google Ron Paul", before hanging them in public places. These folks are famous for hijacking chat rooms, internet threads, and anything else they can on the internet. These are usually "truthers" who think that Bush brought down the world trade center, that the CIA killed kennedy, and that our government is hiding the "truth" about aliens. Among them are Nazis and Klansmen, along with every other unemployed nerd or misfit who ever felt left out in life. They all speak the same talking points like robots; e.g. - Ron Paul is for those who love freedom! Ronbots are among the most annoying trolls on the internet at this time.
"I hear Jack is a Ronbot, he stays up all night spamming polls on the news websites"
by Michael Ormandy January 02, 2008
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