Romo means retro and kid means...erm...kid. So a Romo is an teenager who is soooooo retro. They would enjoy any style from the 60's to now, but prefer around the 80's and the new romantic style.

Romos can be mistaken for emo and scene, and emo and scene sometimes like to think there romo, but there not. Romos can liston to what they want and say it is retro, apart for rap and hip hop which for some reason they hate. Aswell romos are into pac-man and mario like games more than modern games.

Romos mostly speak like surfer dudes or gangsters, and love the pharse 'that's so retro' or famous old pharses like "hereeeeee's johnny". 'Retro' in romo's chat can also mean cool. Romos fasion is mostly a copy of the New Romantics from the 80's, with some modern changes.

1. Romos wear skinny jeans
2. Romo fringe covers 1 eye (sometimes) the rest of the hair is gelled up messy and crazy
3. May wear any skinny like or regular shirt but it has to have a pattern on it (e.g. spots or strippey)
4. Wear slip-ons
5. Wear something extremly retro that is not cool at this moment
6. All Romos have to find a hoody from the 90's

All Romos must try to surf or skate, most romos can surf, and romos if they have a skateboard you must paint it. All romos must have a strange retro intress like a pokemon or a comic character, and like to refer themselves to that character and buy stuff about that character like clothes or teddys. Romo bands are usually experimental, and like to create fusion in music

Romos were created in 1995 and there were lots of them, now I only know one....
A Romo Kid was playing on pac-man. As he moved his hair out of his way he saw a man walking in a barney costue and the romo shouts out "that so retro!".
by khuhihuhjkh October 02, 2006
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