Liston is a sprawling group of people that are(to put it simply)- game changers... A Liston will not dick around. A Liston will bring life to any board meeting, party, double date with a mere waft of their B.O from the door announcing their presence.
To be a Liston is a non-refundable gift to be celebrated by anyone in a Listons presence.
Fuck me Godfrey did you smell that? A Liston girl is coming to fuck shit up! It is about to get real in here thanks to a Liston

I wish I was a Liston
by GeoffreyGodfrey October 24, 2015
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The famous heavyweight boxer, often used by people after a victory, in anyting.
by idontknowwhatimtalkinabout March 25, 2007
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This guy Is a serious Badass. Handsome and outstanding at life. Thought I would let you know
That Liston Dove is amazing!
by Masterdove September 27, 2016
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Type of guy that shags 12 year olds bad hairline only gonna get worse
That guys a real Liston dove I bet he cuts 4" off his JNCO jeans

Somebody should tell him he can't add them to his penis
by Oopsiedoop March 7, 2022
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amber liston is a sweet girl, with peachy spirits half the time, and demon spirits the other half. Amber is straight but can attract any type of person, wether bisexual, or trans,etc... she dates a lot of boys and sees a lot of things... but at the end of her 8-grade year, she might date a grace! wait, not might, she definetely will date a grace, the perfect girl couple!! sassy on the outside, sweet and loveable on the inside, these girls will never break apart.
omg guys its gamber, (amber liston and grace) the cute 2 girl couple. they will literally never have a bad day, because they have each other
by grace1213 April 27, 2018
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amber Liston is the cutest. she dates a lot of guys and sees a lot of things. But in the end, you'll find her with a girl! probably a grace. no, not probably, absolutely! these girls will be a non-stop couple goal forever.
omg guys, I want a relationship like amber Liston, and grace, they're the best!!
by grace1213 April 27, 2018
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