a good magazine based on pop culture and rock that give good music reviews, but they don't know everything.
they don't know shit about politics, and just hate Bush even though they don't know a fuckin thing.
plus, all they ever talk about is Bruce Springsteen, and are always commemorating Bob Dylan on every single issue and all the time. they are great musicians, and i'm not dissing them, but please like i said CUT THE SHIT. we know, they are great musicians, but you make them look bad, they are not meant to be worshipped.
or, if so, they definetly not by you guys at least. Please.
GUY1 - dude, i love Rolling Stone, they gave Avril Lavigne a good review.
GUY2 - okay seriosly shut the fuck up.
by BagpipeHustler November 03, 2007
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Best place on earth where everything is legal. Latitude: 44.10 N, Longitude: 91.82 W. Better than Amsterdam.
Nig 1: You been to Rollingstone nigga?
Nig 2: Fuckin crazy.

Nig 1: You heard of Danal Schwatz?
Nig 2: Yeah nigga, dumbest nigga eva.
by Gramma Tits September 13, 2008
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When you smoke marijuana and take ecstasy in the same sitting.
Ron: "Oh shit he took and then smoked a blunt!!"
Sue: "He's rolling stones like a muthafucka!!"
by MorbidWhiteWolf September 08, 2010
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