Rolling in the Deep is a description of one who is experiencing the absolute "depths" of either: 1) Pure, passionate, unconditional and ethereal love. A love that takes you to new places of understanding about the human soul and the beauty of perfectly loving someone. 2) Pure, passionate, and ethereal pain caused by the betrayal, rejection or an unrequited love that takes you to new places of understanding about the potential and often very real pain and anguish of human soul caused by another person. 3) a song depicting such Joy and Pain by music icon Adele.
Stacy is "rolling in the deep" with Bob.
by bellagio67 April 7, 2011
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A lame alternative to injection into the veins, inserting tampons soaked in ethanol into the vagina or anus to reach a high blood alcohol level easily, prevent vomiting and breathalyser detection.
She died after rolling in the deep too much, the doctors had no idea she was in an alcoholic coma until it was too late.
by slickidiot November 19, 2011
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Rolling in the deep (american) : To be deeply involved or engaged in a certain activity, community or area. Typically in reference to illicit or morally questionable endeavors, but not always. Said individual or individuals are in a situation which they are in over their heads or in a serious and intense environment/setting.

Not to be confused with the song by Adele "Rolling in the deep" which references past relationship woes, the american slang of rolling in the deep is a combination of many ideas.

1. "Roll up on: To arrive unannounced with the intention of delivering a beat down or to otherwise fuck someone up, esp. for retaliation of prior slight" (MacDraiocht 2012 ). Can also be used to as a way of saying to arrive at a certain destination, "Roll up to".
Ex: Ruben was being a little faggot in class yesterday so today we are going to roll up on him and teach him a lesson.
Ex: We rolled up to the super market.

2. "In the deep end: i. Someone who is immersed in a particular belief system in the sense that they are "in over their head" in the deep end" (sommnis 2014).

Ex: In this crime ridden town you will only find scumbags, parasites, criminals and savages. Welcome to the deep end.

3. Deep: very intense or extreme (Wikipedia). accessed 2020
Ex: I supposed to take a test tomorrow and i haven't studied. I am in deep shit.
Example: Four years ago I was in Zimbabwe, rolling in the deep brushing shoulders with mercenaries and murderers.
by Ear_1 September 13, 2020
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Living your life deeply in love with your partner.
"I can't believe how happy and in love I am with this guy. We are definitely rolling in the deep."

by navymom April 21, 2011
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Having sex with a fat girl. The name speaks for itself.
Bob: Hey, so what's that Adele song about?

Adam: "Rolling In The Deep" is a euphemism for having sex with a fattie. Adele is pained because she thought the guy loved her, but instead just wanted a one night stand.

Bob: Ah, you can't blame him. Nobody would actually date a fat chick.

Adam: Indeed. He led her on. He had her heart and soul and played it to the beat.
by AficionadoPerri December 13, 2011
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Having enthusiastic sex with a corpulent woman who is also an amazing singer.
We could have had it all, rolling in the deep.
by gabrielhudson April 24, 2011
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Having sex, likely drunken and sloppy sex, with a fat chick. Inspired by the song "Rolling in the Deep" by the voluptuous singer Adele.
Oh man, Eddies been having a hard time lately. We took him out clubbing last night and caught him in the back of his station wagon Rolling in the Deep with Rosie O'Donnel.
by DLTheGawd November 1, 2011
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