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The paper you use to roll ya weed up

Ex: Backwoods, Dutchies, Phillys etc

yo cop a bag of weed and some roll up...ya dig
by 9oz May 04, 2006
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Roll-ups rohl-uhps - The dreadful and terribly embarrassing truth of owning a modern vehicle with manual windows; forcing the owner and his or her unlucky occupants to look like complete and utter losers by manually cranking a silly handle to roll their windows up or down.
D-bag #1: So...Rwanda just got a new car, but it has roll-ups? She's such an idiot!
D-bag #2: I thought you said she got 'a new car'.
D-bag #1: I did.
D-bag #2: She should go die in a hole.
by tbland September 08, 2010
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A phrase commonly used to shorten "Roll up that shit so we can smoke it." Also a song name by Wiz Khalifa talking about smoking weed but every teenager under the sun thinks its honestly about showing up to someone whenever they need him or want him.
Middle School Girl - "I roll up, I roll up, whenever you call baby I roll up"
Me - "No you don't, no you don't, and if you do, your parents are fucked." (synchronized with beat)
by Trey Cox April 19, 2011
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hand rolled cigarette, now linked to weed smoking
pass me a roll up
by funkster May 03, 2004
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1:to have sex,2:arrive at a location,or 3:smoke weed with a person or people.
me and my bitch (1)rolled up last night after me and my niggas(2) rolled up at her place and we all(3) rolled up and got high.
by SYNONOMOUS WITH ANON April 27, 2004
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Graffiti up high on buildings. refers to the ones done with paint rollers.
by DigDug March 06, 2004
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