roko is a boy who is sexy and have a huge dick. he is that type of boys to treat a girl like a princess, he get all the ladies, but he always love them . when he find his girl , he will treat her like a queen and shows her respect like a man.
SOFIA ; roko is a gentlmen
by Xoxohate March 15, 2017
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Being superior than everyone else in every form.
Can be used in an argument to automatically win.
"Man what Hitler did was wrong,can't you just admit it"
"No,roko man,roko.
Aryan superior nazi legend
by MC Benghazi September 15, 2015
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One badass mother fucker with a huge dick. He has such a long dick that he can play Fortnite with it.
OMG is that Roko
by Freza aka Dražin June 6, 2019
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One badass motherfucker with a huge dick. He gets more pussy than anyone, unlike Marin and Arian, two fat-asses with no life.
Hey you are so badass.
No, Roko is.
by Kim Chong Chung February 12, 2018
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He’s a boy who cares, he’s calm and sweet. For him his girl is everything. You never get bored with him! He absolutely lives to play game and read and kind of books!
Person1: Wow he’s so cute!
Person2: Yep, that’s Roko!
by Dontknowme1234 December 1, 2018
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Roko is a extremly sexy guy with the biggest dick in the world. About 20 meters.
Anna; Omg, Roko, how will it even fit?!
by IAmNetherPortal April 21, 2021
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Soft yet severely depressed boy who tries to hide it all under self deprecating jokes
Hey who's that?
Oh it's just Roko, y'know the guy that goes to therapy?
by Reliable news source November 23, 2021
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