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Rockism is essentially a prejudiced attitude to any form of popular music that doesn't conform to the values of rock music (in the most narrow and conventional sense of the term.) The most obvious example of this is the tendency of middle-aged fans of 'classic rock' to describe any music that involves the overt use of electronic instruments as not 'real music'.
Do you really think Jethro Tull are better than Kraftwerk, or is it just rockism?
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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Extremely narrow-minded taste in music. Rock 'purists' who are so obsessed with raw blues-based rock music that they fail to appreciate anthing else.

This is basically the reason why people complain about rock being 'dead' these days and belive that all current music made now is pure garbage (the only current bands rockists like are The White Stripes and The Strokes).

However if they actually opened their minds for once they would realise the great music of the 2000's.

Seriously, Rock is an amazing genre and I listen to it heaps, but there is so muchmore to hear.
"DUUUUH I only like heavy rock music I HATE ALL POP, R&B, RAP, COUNTRY, JAZZ, CLASSICAL, ELECTRONICA, REGGAE, SKA Blah, blah blah,"

You sir, are a rockist idiot. Rockism stinks.
by Hoobrey April 23, 2010
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Music critic-speak for "an opinion about music that doesn't match up with mine."
i wrote a vv significant blog entry about rockism yesterday
by Leefy Greans May 07, 2006
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1. In popular music, a system of belief which fails to acknowledge any form of music not composed of two guitars, bass and drums.
2. In popular music, a system of belief which fails to acknowledge the supremacy of gross unit sales and radio play as the measure of musical excellence.
3. preferred meaningTerm used by some music critics to dismiss some forms of musical snobbery without acknowleging their own.
1. I used to think music ended with Nirvana until I attended rockism re-education camp.
2. Everyone would agree Justin Timberlake is a genius if it wasn't for all the rockism in this country.
3. I'm a silly little twit and I hate rockism.
by Lucy Potato May 10, 2006
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Rockism: noun, verb roc-is-um
1. A result in human ignorance.
2. A radical, undefined and unexplainable approach to communicate in a way that is believed to have stemmed from the English language.
The drunk man spoke only in rockisms which baffled everyone at the party.
by Andrew Hood September 04, 2007
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