A person who overuses/abuses the rocket launcher in a videogame, often using it as their only weapon. Rocket whores hide out of sight, usually around corners or behind objects, and fire on other players as they pass, or ambush other players while firing volleys of rockets in their general direction. This strategy is used to compensate for a general lack of skills or poor aim.
That's the sixth time in a row you shot me with the rocket launcher! Rocket whore!
by GameboyRMH November 12, 2004
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someone who will use the only rocket launcher on a map (or prevents anyone else from geting one) and uses it to the point where you are searching for a good name ot call him.
you fucking ROCKET WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by joe_stick February 19, 2005
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A rocket whore is someone who overuses the rocket launcher in a video game. Not just as a result of being a complete and utter failure to whichever video game they are playing, but could also be because a player has become bored with the game and feels him/herself necessary to kill everyone with the rocket launcher for personal joy. Furthermore, the rocket whore can come from someone who is experiencing lag(a condition where an internet connection is moving slowly and the game is slowed for everyone, causing overall discomfort) and decides that they will carry the rocket launcher around as an only source for a weapon simply to maintain kills. In simpler term, a person who grabs the rocket for no actual strategical purposes except mindless killing that involves no skill.
Holy slut with no skill! That fucktard grabbed the goddamn rocket again!! What a rocket whore!
by TehGamer April 20, 2005
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See pistol whore and sword whore. The term Rocket Whore applies similarly, but as rockets or a rocket launcher is common to many more FPS(first person shooter) games besides the Halo series, "Rocket Whore" is an older term, with a longer history, and (prior to the advent of Halo's Pistol Whore and Sword Whore was the predominant term.

Typically, calling someone a rocket whore serves only to point out to the rest of the people playing that you got your virtual ass handed to you by the rocketeer repeatedly for the duration of the game. Needless to say, this only points out to everyone within earshot of you that rather than
1: alert your teamates to the threat posed by rockets and adjust your collective strategy
2: adjust your individual tactics

you simply charged into the fray mindlessly, with little or no situational awareness, (despite having been killed already by said rocketeer) and got blown to smithereens each time. God forbid you change your paradigm and produce an effective defense to a rocketeer, so that YOU might wield the almighty rocket launcher, and "pwn teh n00bs."
I got killed twelve times by that rocket whore! He sucks and has no skill! Get some real skill and kill me with a needler u rocket whore!!!

What a rocket whore. He got 18 kills, all using the rocket launcher. Why didn't someone kill him and take it so we could capture the flag?
by M6D! August 09, 2006
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someone who instinctively will camp the rocket spawn, or uses the rocket launcher excessively.
OmG you n00b!!11!! St0p b3ing a rocket whore!!11!!1
by steward February 25, 2005
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