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1.The kind of guy who says 'I was thinking about how great the sun is...I mean, it grows our food, it keeps us"

2. A Costanza-like man, often driving a sensible American car.
Look at that robg in the Focus, he looks stoned.
by Joe Landover May 27, 2003
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One who does not take the sun for granted.
One who appreciates gravity for its ability to keep us snugly on the earths surface.
Do you ever think about the sun? I do!
by Earthworm Jim May 28, 2003
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A hero of masterful style and prowess, RobG is a character described as a true visionary within the modern age. Tall, handsome and multi-talented, RobG is frequently known as the "Hero of the Dawn" or the "Healer of the Worlds". When illustrated in many forms of modern art, RobG is depicted to having both wings of light and dark, spread afar. He is constantly in search for the "gift of the goddess", and the meaning of this unspecified.

Speculations for the "gift of the goddess" include the pursuit of a beautiful lover, and others have stated it was put there for the viewer to perceive it in their own individual and personal way, unique to only them. The dark wing represents rebirth, renewal and evolution which is ultimately linked to the song "Capricorn" by 30 Seconds to Mars. The wing of light represents love, compassion and sacrifice, a ray of light in a seemingly dark world.
Immerse yourself into the world of RobG. Dream again.
by Creative Spirits November 04, 2011
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