When someone gets left on seen by the whole group chat so they deleted all their messages so that someone else who previously sent a message gets left on seen by the group chat
Person1: damn can being a whore rn
Person2: fr he deleted all his messages

Can: I'm a whore
by Swagger Anthony April 10, 2022
A saying what people usually say when they suspect someone slippin they Jimmy rn.
"Who up slippin they Jimmy rn?"
by X-T UN May 4, 2022
when you don't want to sound like a 14 year old girl so you say this for the meme
guy 1: *makes meme video*
guy 2: *watches* im shidding and farding rn
by Stupid Af July 14, 2021
a phrase indicating that you are not in a good mood or are feeling sad
person 1: "you good bro"

person 2: "not really, tbh i would not survive a vibe check rn"

person 1:"damn dude wanna hang out and see if that cheers you up"
by CallMeLeBonBon November 13, 2019
Go*^d m{rn~nG is a Word spoken by Gerard Once on Twitter. Go*^d m{rn~nG is the Feeling of emptiness and feeling of Void in your mind it is also spoken as a meme Mostly by Me
Go*^d m{rn~nG is my total mood today.