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Acronym for Real Life Super Hero. People who dress up like comic book characters and pretend to fight crime, when in reality they are only living out their own pathetic juvenile childhood fantasies, because lets face it, if they ever tried to actually prevent real criminals from doing anything, they'd probably end up shot.
Tothian is a RLSHer, because he craves attention.
by bistromath September 16, 2008
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RLSH stands for "Real Life Super Hero". The term is used to describe people who dress up as fictitious characters they themselves have created.

Those who participate in the RLSH community however, don't stop there. They also claim to fight crime though most only do charity events, help at soup kitchens, etc (i.e. jobs your average Joe does everyday)
Zetaman, civitron, and Geist play dress up and walk around so their super heroes ! So they must be in the RLSH community.
by RLSV Omen August 30, 2010
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Acronym for Real Life Super Hero. People who use or personify the archtype of the comic book superhero and dress up like comic book characters of their own creation and fight crime, or otherwise actively seeks to help people or make the world a better place using the traditional comic book super hero as a basis for the general theme of their actions and interactions with the public when they attempt to do charitable acts or works of philanthropy within the limits of the law.

Some only do charity, some just help people. Others wear tactical body armor and patrol in high crime areas, using their social connections or training to help keep neighborhoods safe.
Mr Ravenblade is such a cool RLSH because he helps people and does charity work and patrols.
by Mr. Ravenblade February 04, 2010
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