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a guy with a feminine walking style (catwalk)
a:that guy is so gay
b: even his walking style is so rishin
by Jimmy548 December 05, 2010
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A boy you’ll like easily. He could be mean and rude sometimes but he will change his attitude later on. He’ll make you smile when he walks in a room and he’s funny. If your sad then he’ll be there to cheer you up. He will mess with your head and flirt with your friends sometimes but you’ll still like him. If you have a Rishin in your life then be his best friend and if you like him tell him or he’ll ask someone out. Never break up with him or your stupid and you’ll regret it because he’s perfect. He is everything you’ll need funny,caring,daring,bit rude and mean,nice, and cute .
That guy is such a Rishin.k
by MsuFratGuy March 20, 2019
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