Racist In My Opinion: A modification to the popular and often used In My Opinion acronym. Pronounced: rEE-Mo
Steve: Why do black people always tweet "dats" instead of "that's"?

Brian: Dats RIMO, dude
by SteveSmithBYU January 09, 2013
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The remarkable man who will blow your mind the moment you lay eyes on him. A male model who is adored by the fairer sex for his sexiness. He is tall, dark and has a smile that will melt any woman's heart. His sporty, funny, crazy about love, kind, intelligent and a smart dresser and of course his labels are all made in Italy. Everyone that knows Rimo comments on his vivacious character and gentle nature. He'll bewitch all those who fall under his steady gaze. His the strong silent type who doesn't take relationship breakups very well. His cocky but not arrogant and has an eye for detail. His very caring and protective towards his family and friends and would go out of his way to lend a helping hand. He is the best friend/boyfriend/brother/husband anyone could have. Everyone should love Rimo because I certainly do.
Rimo is the only man to make my heart beat, my palms sweat and my face blush , he makes me feel alive.
by Juliet's ego October 07, 2017
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