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To be riehmered is the act of drinking a two sixer or more (750ml +) of alcohol for example vodka or rum. To the point that you are so intoxicated that you end up going on adventures that you have no idea where will lead to. You may also end up chirping people and saying the weirdest/ rudest things to people as if you have no conscience and therefore acting like a douche. You may give weird gestures to people and look like a retard. You may also pass out and wake up numerous amount of times in various locations. Lastly you shall wake up in the morning not knowing how you got to bed and will be told by various people of all the crazy things you did last night with various pictures of yourself on facebook.
man i drank so much last night i was completely riehmered.

dude he is riehmered she can't even walk
by riehmered September 17, 2012
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