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An amazingly awesome fluke or mishappening that only occurs when something that has never happened before. An end result of a chain of outlandish events that lead up to an almost inconceivable out come. Can also be an inevitable failure turned into an sweet presentation of unknown skill. Accidental awesomenicity.
When you drop something but make an attempt to catch it and fail but hit it high enough to make another attempt and another and another and another until you finally grasp it and you look up and everybody cheers, and their only possible response is "That was ridunkulous"
by Mocha Bear December 24, 2009
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
by Andikun November 06, 2007
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The true way to say ridonkulus.

The extreme version of ridiculous.

So that bitch just jumped in front of me. It was ridunkulous
by Gigantor Cat February 21, 2008
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When something so epicly, earth-shatteringly ridiculous happens. In this situation, 'ridiculous' is insufficient.

Holy fuck, that girl just got literally raped to death by a group of transvestite asian niggerjews. Thats ridunkulous.
by as8906 February 14, 2009
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incredible slam dunk of the basketball. combination of the words 'dunk' and 'ridiculous' made popular by espn sports analyst steve scott. incorrectly used on several occasions by analysts to describe a great play in football. has all but fallen out of use by any respectable persons.
"that catch was ridunkulous"
*silence, dead air*
by breezyone October 02, 2007
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An adjective describing something that is ridiculous in a Podunk manner. This is one of those special words exclusive to small town folk. City people just don't fully understand.
You may wish to use this word when cattle escape from the sale barn and run around your neighborhood, or when the one cop in town is arrested by the neighboring town's cop for stealing the Fire Department's beer.
Person 1: Let's go steal my grandparents chickens!
Person 2: That's ridunkulous....let's do it!

Person 1: Where are we going to have the party?
Person 2: How about the barn?
Person 3: You're ridunkulous!
by Sunny Branick April 11, 2008
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