Functionally similar to the word "ridiculous," this word is often used in its place for extra emphasis.
There's a ridonculous amount of cheddar cheese stuck in the printer.
by 755coop3 April 23, 2004
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(adjective) - ridiculous

Roald Dahl's BFG uses this word. This may be the origin of the word. First published in 1982.
Some of the other origins I've seen suggested are ridonculous.
by doof0000 June 16, 2011
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adj. something that is so extremely ridiculous that one can't comprehend the full ridculousness of it.
Rufus Wainwright is so cool, everyone who doesn't like him is ridonculous
by A.P. Gooey July 5, 2004
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a derivative of the word ridiculous. An action that creates amazement. An event that is unbelievable, often creating a feeling of doubt about it.
did you hear? patrick just did a backflip off a tree!

No way dude, that's ridonculous!!!
by rumple May 16, 2006
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Adj. A situation or circumstance that is jack-ass stupid, inane, or frivolous in the extreme.
"Christopher was late because he set his wake-up alarm on his cell phone, but then shut his phone off before he went to bed to save his battery power; it's this type of ridonculous behavior that makes Christopher totally unreliable."

NOTE: This word is an amalgam of "ridiculous" and "donkey" (a.k.a. "jack-ass" in the pejorative sense), and implies that human idiocy or stupidity adds to or magnifies a situation or circumstance's quality of being "ridiculous" on its own.
by Jonathan D. Linscott March 22, 2007
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In the election of 2000 I was reading the paper one morning in early December and read something about how they hadn't counted all the ballots yet in Florida and I simply said out loud, "That is ridiculous. That is so ridiculous, it's ridonculous!" This, I believe, is the first time anyone ever used the word, to the best of my knowledge. It has spread like disease, though. I do think, however, we need to try and not overuse it. Some things are still simply ridiculous, not wholly ridonculous.
"You're an iron-clad beast-like machine with jaws of steel."
"I am not."
"Then you're Michael Jackson."
"OK, now that's just ridiculous."
"OK, then you're rhinocerous-like triceratops."
"THAT is riDONCulous!"
by William Valenti November 21, 2004
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Adj. If something is so completely profound and out of line that the word ridiculous is an understatement, it is at this time that you use the word reDONculous. Usually the word is used, followed after obscene and ludicrous statements or comments. It can also be a positive attribute to add extreme emphasis.
<Dude> That party was off the hook
<Friend> Yea man I got F*ucking right ripped
<Dude> Yea, it was so friggen REDONCULOUS, i got with 3 ladies!
by Gito March 24, 2005
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