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A rich person who is better than people and knows it and likes to flash around how rich they are. They also like to mess with the poor and can almost never be trusted. They will do almost anything to make their enemies miserable. Only cool people look up to them.
The rich dick told the whole school that Dylan was bi and now everyone hates him.

Sally got made fun of by the rich dick because she got an ipod
shuffle for christmas.
by Joshua Edward Hernandez January 05, 2006
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A person who is motivated only by money,and would risk losing friends or family for there own gain
Hi honey I will be home late only im behind a Richdick in the bank and he is depoditing lots of money
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty November 22, 2009
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Someone who is really rich and has spent all their money on their penis and male reproductive system.
Ben: How was last night?
Ashley: It was terrible, I had sex with a guy who had penis surgery, growth pills, hardening pills, cock rings, ball rings, tip rings, penis extensions, internal penis modifications, vibrating cock rings, vibrating ball rings, vibrating tip rings, vibrating dick bullets, cum stoppers, semen growth pills, enhancement pills, penis openers, auto milkers, penis clamps, ball clamps, condoms, ring-condoms, scrotum hardeners, ring-masturbators, a pool of lube, ball loops, penis sleeves, penis pumps, ball pumps, vibrating penis pumps, vibrating ball pumps, auto strokers, ticklers, penis cups, a remote-controlled penis car(lol wut), fleshlights, onacups, ball sheaths , a apple, and a replacement penis for when his penis falls off due to all this weight. He was a insane rich-dick.
Ben: What the actual fuck...
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by BOTHACKED April 03, 2017
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