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located in south wale about 15 or so miles south of cardiff it is one of the greatest place on earth thanks to geat locals who live there some people believe that not much happens in rhoose but those people are usualy a bunch of deusche bags = people from shitholes like barry.the people in rhoose are relaxed people but if you get on the wrong side of them, i wouln't want to be cleaning up the pieces.usually rhoose it kicks off on sunny bank holidays once everyone is off their faces and ready to fight anyone who doesn't look like they're from rhoose.we a village idiot called mark he's safe enough but his branches dont run all the way to the top.we also have the R.M.E(Rhoose Massive Elite)nice eneogh people but dont go up to them and start boasting about whatever shithole you come from eg.barry.
boy#1:fancy goin to rhoose tonight?

boy#2:why would i want to go to that shithole when i can stay in barry.

WHACK=boy#2 K.Od on the floor
by rhoose is amazing September 24, 2009
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