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The act of getting on one's knees and then proceeding to give a really short person head after they drink too much; therefore resulting in an accidental golden shower.
Yea, but she was so drunk she reverse rumpelstiltskinned on me!
by Gingerbeer March 01, 2011
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When a man (or sometimes a woman) is eating out the asshole of a man while jerking him off. Once both parties have finished-- the man eating the asshole backs off, and the man who recieved the eating then proceeds to projectile shit all of the man who ate his ass hole, getting it everywhere (including in the mans Mouth).

This is not no be confused with a rumplestiltskin, which is when a man gives another man a blowjob while shitting and then vomits down his ass ( see urbad dictionary Rumplestilskin)
"Dude, you smell like shit! did you get a Reverse Rumpelstiltskin?"
by Loss Prevention Officer2 October 05, 2011
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