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A rumblestilskin is the worst type of fart for not only the potency in which it smells, but how loud it sounds. Named after a gay fairy tale about an ugly fucken dwarf who teaches this bitch to string straw to gold, this word should be feared by all. It can be accompanied by a shit stain in the underwear, that cannot be removed by bleech. When you enter a public area and fart while standing still it will take only 3 seconds for it to reach the person beside you or for you to smell your own brew, and by that time the person beside you would have already ran away as it sounds like fog horn that can literally stop 200 loud people at a wedding, or at a Rammstein concert. When walking and farting one out, it will have less sound, but trail your fart for about 7 or 8 meters than disapate. Long term rumplestilskins can lead to having no friends, the death of a relative, or family pet. You may find dead birds outside your house, and that all your neighbors have moved away. Loosing your job is also very common. Eventually you'll commit suicide.
(Cabbage boy):"People can't stop running away from me, and think I shit my pants all the time."

(friend at a distance):"Well you smell like the tarry nutty Pepto Bismal laced shits I spray into the toilet after I eat four jars of chunky Skippy, and drink 18 cans of Pepsi. You need to see a Gastrologist."

(Cabbage Boy):"I did and he told me I need a colonoscopy next week. Its so bad that I needed to use tomato juice on my Jockey Sport briefs, and a new pair of Levi's.

(friend at a distance):"Sounds to me like you have a bad case of rumplestilskin."
by I'll fart on your mom. January 16, 2006
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Noun or verb. The Rumplestilskin is a variant of the blumpkin in which a stranger initiates the blowjob while the target is on the toilet, and will continue to perform fellatio until his name is guessed. Named after the fabled trickster who would be promised a first-born child if his name could not be guessed.
John sure has been in the bathroom a long time. I hope he wasn't ambushed by a Rumplestilskin! He's a horrible guesser.
by Hypester February 08, 2007
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A person in the family who is sold for production. Such as a native American indian shop secretly owned by a slave laborer. Santa's little helpers. Sex slaves in the industry.
Someone had to pull a Rumplestilskin out of the family to help with slave labor work of doll making.

The underground textile industry has a good Rumplestilskin technique for second class citizens.

Rumplestilskin sex sites are usually unknown world wide.
by GhostScripter July 08, 2010
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