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This is the person that comes around making sure you are bothered every five minutes and told one more time what you are to do (in case you have a case of chronic amnesia). This is usually to reassure the person that the items and services you are selling and most likely not making commision off of are steadily helping out their bonuses each week / month / year.
Hitler was not a retail manager but many retail managers are little Hitler's.
by John December 20, 2003
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Someone who has failed at life and takes it out of 15-16 yr old kids. Someone who has been given the smallest amount of power and abuses it. They use intimidation tactics to boost their non-existent self-esteem, and lack of self-actualization. Most suffer from small penises, broke down 1993 green Chevy Luminas, and the constant reminder that their 40 yr-old virgins who still live in their Mom's basements. Their Job: To walk around, and bitch to employees every 3 minutes to boost up sales, add on worthless protection plans, sell accessories, and sell installation services. What most pimple-faced employees don’t know is that while they are busting their asses for $5.00 an hour, the manager takes home a fat bonus check every month, and takes credit for work he didn’t do.
"Man, what happened to you? Look in the mirror. Your a Retail Manager."
by PhillyPatt March 02, 2009
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A person that takes credit for a job well done without having any involvement. Can also be used to describe a person with his head firmly inserted in his own anus.
By this definition, Rick is the best retail manager in the world.
by bbyh8r December 17, 2002
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