What someone does after New Years.
Damn Tyrone you just quit drinking forties on New Years day, way to resolutionize yourself!
by Biltard December 29, 2011
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proper noun; muscle & fitness terminology; a new or rarely seen gym member who's sudden appearance has undoubtedly been brought about by a personal resolution to "get in shape."

The Resolutioner is viewed as somewhat of a nuisance by regular gym patrons because their commitment to fitness is often only temporary (usually fading within 2-8 weeks of initial sighting). In the mean time, the Resolutioner succeeds only in crowding up the gym's limited floor space, sweating up the machines, and generally interfering with the workouts of more hardcore gym members.

A Resolutioner may appear at any time, however, they are seen in increasing numbers during the months of December and January thanks to the ever popular tradition of declaring personal resolutions around the start of a new year (see New Year's Resolution).

Resolutioners can most easily be identified by looking for the following: 1) brand new, color coordinated workout apparel 2) sweat bands and/or leather gloves 3) stylish off-the-shelf water bottle 4) bad form and lack of confidence around the machines.

Resolutioners often include: the fat person trying to do crunches 2) the skinny guy struggling to bench almost no weight at all and 3) the chick in front of the mirror waving around those adorable little pink dumbells.
Regular Patron 1: "Hey dude, what are you still doing here? You're usually long gone by now."

Regular Patron 2:"Yeah, I know. I had to wait for some Resolutioner to quit playing around with the Pec Deck."
by BeRzErKaS December 28, 2007
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Resolutionism is a theoretical social, political and economic system which is designed to save the world.

The creator of Resolutionism, is Aaron Nordquist, a Canadian author, sociologist and philosopher, and a social activist. Nordquist has expressed opinions on economics, politics and world events in his blogs, podcasts and books. He is the founder of the Save Our Earth Now foundation. Since the early 2000's, he has stated that his personal visions have been called many names, such as "democratic capitalism," "neo-enlightenmentism," and "libertarian socialism," but he prefers to simply call himself a "Resolutionist."

Nordquist is the author of "Resolutionism: How to Save the World" and "The Resolutionist Manifesto: Preamble to the Declaration of Universal Emancipation."
We here highly resolve to have a new birth of freedom, under the supports, practices and logic of the political, economic and social system named Resolutionism.
by Abraham Linkoln June 14, 2011
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