The politically correct way to name, call, or other wise tag a homeless person. The liberal left wing moon bats at the ACLU have decided to mess with Law Enforcement in yet another way to treat the pieces of shit that destroy our society in a fair and justifiable manner.
The suspect is going to be a white male adult, 5'06'', 185 pounds, wearing a dirty red hood, dirty gloves, semen soaked jeans, and carrying a back pack. Witnesses state that the suspect is possibly residentially challenged.
by Cameron Seisan June 02, 2007
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A homeless person or the condition of being homeless. The politically correct and kinder way to refer to a person without a permanent residence of their own.
That cat Mike who used to be in the hood, i heard he's become residentially challenged.
by residentiallychallenged February 15, 2018
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