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The term was originally used by “farm” boys and girls who moved to the “big city.” They associated searching for a place to live with grazing in the pastures as many four legged animals do. As with grazing in grassy fields, “grazing” for an apartment was just as tedious thus such individuals were many times referred to as rentgrazers. Over the years the term has become common when referring to a person looking for a place to live.
So Elie May.... hows life as a rentgrazer? Whats with all the rentgrazers.... was there a bad crop this year?
by Darlah October 10, 2005
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Rentgrazer is like a right of passage; an evolution eyond that of the regular apartment hunter. After all the pains of credit report rejection, “wrong color for neighborhood” rejection, finding places that have too much mold, too many roaches, not enough light, or are so high up you can barely breath the thin air…. You finally evolve and become a rentgrazer… then you are ready…. Then the real journey begins.
I began my search eight weeks ago. I have seen all that there is to see in this city. From the biggest rats to the smallest effeciency. I am strong, I am resillient, I will find a place to live, I am a rentgrazer.
by Corey Dugan October 09, 2005
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Otherwise known as Rent Grazer, usually describes any person that spends considerable time researching places to live. They spend a lot off time trying to find the best bang for their buck.
What a RentGrazer... she's been looking at apartments for 6 months now! I've never seen a Rent Grazer like her.
by Cynthia Richardson July 02, 2006
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