Someone who is not pleased with their birth-name and feels the need to create a new identity that is usually an attempt to make them more cool and unique.
Ben: I saw Adrian the other day and yelled his name from across the street. He didn't turn around. Haps with that?
Luke: Yeah, he changed his name to Bolo. He thinks it makes him sound hardcore.
Ben: It don't. What a renamer! Is that the same thing with Jan wanting us to call him Janice?
Luke: Nope. Janice is transgender now. Or whatever - has always been. I can't keep up!
by von groovy June 22, 2017
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The Phantom Renamer (TPR) is most likely someone you work with. He makes up nicknames for everyone and is a legend at it.
He may also be responsible for changing the name on items you own to the nickname he has kept for you.
This can be in the form of user names, digital files, etc
Person 1: Hey dude The Phantom Renamer strikes again.. look at the shared folder..
Person 2: Lmao! I wonder who TPR is?
Person 1: Legend!

Names on the shared folder:
Hank = Cal
Cal-ifornications (main character Hank Moody)
by alfinator February 17, 2011
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The person or people behind the school renamings, statue removals, street renamings, and building renamings most likely isn't even black, male, white supremicist, or a native of the towns the streets, buildings, or schools are being renamed in, or the statues removed in. The person benefitting the most from all this also isn't black, male, white supremicist, or a native of the towns all these decisions are being made.
Malcolm X was a black supremicist and yet nobody renames something named after Malcolm X no matter his beliefs. Malcolm X wasn't perfect, but nobody decides his name is not worthy of being on something because of his (possibly misguided that there was a better/worse group than the next group of humans) beliefs. If the opposite is true, if the building is named after someone who wasn't black, a school renaming, or something similar occurs.
by Solid Mantis March 17, 2021
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