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Reckless youngsters on mopeds specially rigged/modified for drag racing illegally in public roads or streets in ASEAN countries.
Budak itu suka rempit motor..itulah hobi dia siang dan malam
by kooloop December 31, 2013
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Young kids or sometimes older who if boys, they will wear those fake sunglasses, fake Supreme shirts, slippers and will go around with their cheap motorbikes.

If girls, they will wear fake Aldo black wedges, if donning the hijab, it will of course expose their somehow push up big boobs, super tight palazzo pants and also going around with their cheap motorbikes.

They also have very cringey love relationships that make us non rempits puke and of course, they love to do shit ass Tiktok videos.
Hey look, it's 3am and the rempits are at it with their loud ass motorbikes again.

My rempit sister , Amelia has broke up with her boyfriend and now she's doing a break up Tiktok video with a jiwang (sad) song as the background music.
by Pinkypig123 July 29, 2019
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