a person who creates a different meme for a picture that already has a meme
example of how a rememer would operate: retooling/changing the context of the "evil kermit" meme to use for different purposes but maintaining the general concept of having a good idea (kermit) and a bad idea (evil kermit)
by outofthesquare April 5, 2017
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This word is used when you sent a meme but no one heard it, so you have to do it again.
Josh: *sends funny meme*
Jordan: What did you say I didn't get that?
Josh: Oh ok I'll just rememe.
by Andruul November 30, 2019
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You remember thangs another mutha fucka kant or won't!!
When you finally catch that girl/guy that jumped on you freshman year of high school at a club and you whupping they ass while saying, Yeah nigga/bitch, rememerness, when you snuck me bitch by the bleachers!!
by Boss ladies June 30, 2018
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