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A peculiar type of homo-sapien. The 'Rellik' cell is a highly advanced cell that enables the host to be highly skilled in all areas from mental abilities to physical, a 'jack of all trades' if you will (though Ace would be a better term)

The 'Rellik' gene is also extremely rare and few people have been recorded with it.
Eminem is the most famous example as is J.R.R Tolkien
by Rellik from BF May 01, 2004
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The most powerful dark energy in existance, this "being" is inhabited by only one human every 4035 thousand years. During this time the host will gain power unimaginable and will eventually consume everything in its path. Right now the Rellik energy is being hosted in a being known as Max and with the energy he is known as; Rellik <the cactus man> Hyperion. Whenever the host dies the Rellik energy is reincarnated by means of spit. Meaning when the host dies every place he has spat will have him reincarnated at his most powerful point.
Rellik is what it is.
by Spikey Hair Max November 24, 2006
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