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Used in then English slang dilect, "rekon" has the equivalant to "guess". Started in the back woods of the appalachian mountains of the USA, it is now commonly used in the UK.
I rekon these pants will fit when I lose this weight. You rekon?
by ou812icyou June 25, 2006
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Rekon is a rapper from the North-East of England, He is known for his flexabilty to create nothing into an amazing song.

He started stringing rhymes together over the Internet on battle forums where he became one of the top in the network he was in, but realized he had the talent to actually make people want to hear more about what he has to he took to the streets, where he slowly took over the Newcastle rap scene.
"he's just made an amazing song out of nothing, thats definitly Rekon!"

Person1: Who's the best rapper in the North-East?
Person2: That's easy, it's Rekon!
by supportnewcastlerap! June 12, 2009
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