1. From projectile a reverse throw over ones shoulder

2. Something which is the product of something else falling/thrown against gravity and in turn being emitted

3. The bad, possibly harsh end result of something or someone's action(s).

4. Negatively thrown particles - in the direction they're not normally meant to go.

5. Sound:
Wayward and i)textured audio or ii)pitch.
Rougher than reverberation, instead of gentle pizzicato, it's dirty slap-bass. Hammered notes.
Pitch: Instead of gentle verbrato it's jaggered modulation.
The slap technique involves hitting the string from above, forcing it against the fretboard.
When playing, a musician presses the strings down to it in order to change their vibrating lengths, causing changes in pitch. A fingerboard may be fretted, of the bass momentarily, producing a brief puchy note. The string can be hit with any part of the hand, but is most commonly hit with the knuckle of the thumb.

Also like the swing/shudder you get from one object hitting another ie heavy marine rope hitting the deck on a pier.
1. With his back to Stephanie's, James threw the pen lid using a clever rejectile-manouver, flinging it over his head to hit her in her back without her seeing his arm movements.

2. There were some serious rejectile sparks flying from the angle grinder

3. "Well that was a total rejectile of an idea"

4. Caleb jumped, but became a rejectile and was violently pushed away and thrown against the side of the cliff by the turbulent water like a ping pong ball trying to get past an industrial fan.

5. Slap bass is a form of rejectile-sounding music. It began in the early 1910's by Louisianna String Bass player Bill Johnson, who started "slapping" the strings of his bass (a more vigorous technique than the classical pizzicato) after he accidentally broke his bow on the road with his band in northern Louisiana in the early 1910s.
by fireMayden November 19, 2004
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