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Actions by humans who don't realize their actions have been done in the past to the detriment of many
Regressivism has taken hold of American society so much that one would think we are living in 1961, not 2016.
by Moirraine January 15, 2016
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This is an ideology which is called "progressivism" by its followers. It is actually an ideology with lots of regressives ideas (hence, the word REgressivism). Regressives usually believe that we should judge people by their race. Identity politics and socialism is at the core regressivism. They usually want to tax the shit out of people who do well. Here are just a few of the common tenets of regressvism.

-Believing White People are racist and White people are the worst people on Earth.

-Viewing black people as nothing but helpless victims who can't be trusted to live regular lives on their own.

-The Powerful=Oppressors, The Powerless=Victims of Oppressors (This is why Regressives hate cops so much)
-Making sure to call someone a racist if their ideas don't follow your narrative.

-Everything MUST be equal. Islam is just as bad as Christianity. Don't mind the fact that 99.7% of terrorist deaths are caused by Islam.

-Fuck Israel

-Socialism is good and Hugo Chavez is a good guy.

If you run into one of these ideologues, point and laugh, but do NOT engage. You will get a headache.
Regressive: You say that WHITE cop shoot a BLACK person? How racist was that.
Non-Regressive: Taking race into account when judging someone is the pinnacle of regressivism.
by hildog1 December 25, 2016
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