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Player who hits everything what he aims to and shoot to.

In his/her case, hit detection works on 100%.

Mostly used in computer games which has terrible hit detection/hit registration/hitreg (Battlefield 2).

google for: regger battlefield
I shoot on head and he is still running. You shoot on head and get headshot. You are regger.
by LennyBlack December 31, 2009
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A rather small, skinny boy that smells of vegetables and is a giant baby
Wow dude, look at the Regger! ~or~ Regger you're so sexy.
by Jethro0509 November 20, 2007
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Short for regulation or regular, to state that something occurs regularly.

Also used as a confirmation.
That was a reggers bus ride.

-How was work?
- Pretty reggers.

-Are you coming out tonight?
by Ladmiral August 10, 2011
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