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The diasporic Jewish popluation around the world.
Jews had been always on the look-out for a place to start a decent living and finally found it in their original homeland -- if not their 'Promised Land' -- Palestine. But, the exodus hasn't yet stopped!
In Israel for example, Israelis who came back to Israel from America are returning back in numbers, because of the unstable political situation (the whole Middle-East is a time-bomb waiting to explode!), in what became known as the 'Boeing Aliya'. It is when a family provider returns alone back to America to make money and send it back to his family-dependents in Israel, visiting Israel occasionally by airplane. While in America, the goverment saw a 'profiteering' vista in this phenomenon and came up with a thing called the 'million-dollar green card': as a refujew you can have a permanent residentship if you open a business in the US that employs at least 10 US citizens (not including the owner, or any of his family memebers even if they are American citizens!) and the capital invested must not be less than 1 million dollars!

A blend of 'refugee' & 'jews'.

A lot of people think that the US is an ally to Israel, but in all reality... they're sucking the po' refujews' blood!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
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