Selective loss of visual acuity in association with common foraging of the refrigerator. Predominantly seen in children and males.
"Honey, where's the orange juice?"
"Are you blind? Second shelf on the right!"
"Sorry, must be that pesky refrigerator blindness again..."
by ckarlo January 23, 2008
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a loss of sight due to sensitive eyes being exposed to the interior light of a refrigerator. Often occurs during midnight snack raids.
Tristan had to see the doctor because of his case of acute refrigerator blindness - he should have worn sunglasses when he made that sandwich at 1 am last night...
by sp0tty January 26, 2008
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It's the temporary blindness after looking into the refrigerator light at night.
Steven: Damn, last night I banged my head after reciving a nice bit of refrigerator blindness.
by Shiptar January 26, 2008
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The inability of a person to find what they're looking for in the fridge. Most commonly found in males, however it can appear in females as well.
Honey, can you help me find the milk? I've got a serious case of male refrigerator blindness.
by Annobal August 10, 2010
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